Nur was born from the desire of Nuria du Chêne de Vère to transform two everyday objects - a diffuser and a candle - into activators of sensory perceptions. In works of art. In material poems capable of capturing reality to transfigure it into a multiplicity of meanings and memories.
The choice of home fragrance is dictated by an inspiration, a memory and the desire to create atmospheres: "Composing home fragrances makes me feel free; I like the idea that my perfumes can furnish, give a soul to a room ".
Nur is also the emancipation of the role of the perfumer, the unveiling of a fascinating and romantic profession, however meticulous and scientific. Hence the choice of the use of his own name Nuria. In Arabic "Nur" means light.
Tutte le creazioni di Nur sono 100% made in Italy.