A stone's throw from the Milan Cathedral, overlooking the bell towers of the historic center and the Torre Velasca, the laboratory is the home of Nuria du Chêne de Vère. The organ, or the amphitheater-shaped piece of furniture that houses and displays the over 260 raw materials with which the nose processes the creations, is "the palette of my elusive painting".

Bespoke is a very important aspect for Nur. In fact, the atelier has been designed to welcome clients, both private and corporate, for collaborations and tailor made projects.

Nur currently has collaborations for private events, such as the creation of the bridal perfume and related candles scented to set up a wonderful wedding in Tuscany. In addition, premium bespoke fragrances have been created, studied over months, both for individuals and for private villas.

It is therefore a question of interpreting the personalities of the customers, their tastes, their history or, in the same way, the personality of the historic villas
characterized by the surrounding vegetation , from the furnishings and the very soul of the house and of those who live there, making ad hoc trips to study these wonderful places in detail and transport their true essence, the air you breathe, in a bottle. < / p>

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