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Sweet and enveloping, oriental “orange”, this warm amber accord meets the juniper and the essential oil of cypress, which, pushed into the head, makes everything < span data-mce-fragment = "" 1 ""> more sparkling . The creamy and flowery accent is given by ylang ylang and vanilla notes, while patchouli, incense and saffron are the protagonists of a sensual background . «We are in an antique living room, with bare feet on a wonderful Persian carpet, looking for a book that will take us to exotic paradises ".


Duration: approximately 8 weeks


Unscrew the neck, remove the inner cap (better levering from the corner upwards, for example with a key), screw the neck back on, insert the ten sticks that you will find separately in the special case.

Being wicker sticks, through their natural veins, they absorb the fragrance in their entire length. It will therefore not be necessary to turn the sticks, unless the temperature in the house is so dry that it is not possible to bring the perfume to the end in time.

The duration of the diffuser depends very much on the conditions to which it is exposed: currents d air, direct light and high temperature significantly accelerate the evaporation time of the fragrance.

The performance instead depends on the space in which it is used: the smaller the room the more impact the fragrance will have in the environment. In the event that the diffuser is located in a very large room, it is advisable to use several diffusers in synergy and to position them in different corners of the room so as to perfume the whole environment in a homogeneous way. A single diffuser has a range of approximately 20m².


To reduce the impact of plastic on the planet, Nur loudspeakers do not have refills in plastic, but recyclable or reusable glass bottles, giving the product a second life.