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Leather-chypre and "inspired by the interiors of vintage cars and dove gray, I imagine this fragrance in a studio with leather furnishings", reveals Nuria. The composition is not opulent but surprisingly light and comfortable. This is thanks to a subtle combination of suederal - an ingredient known in perfumery that recalls suede - and iris, both wrapped in a cloud of gray amber. Finally, a touch of rosemary and thyme lend an aromatic and clean allure to the fragrance.

CANDLE 180 ml
Burning time: approx. 36 hours < / span>

Directions for use: light the candle away from drafts. After a few ignitions, the "" flower "" could be created on the wick; we therefore recommend cutting the end of the wick with a pair of scissors so as to continue to have an optimal smoke-free burn.


All Nur candles have a sustainable linen wick, the wax is 100% vegetable and the cup is made of glass. Once the candle is finished, you can decide to recycle the glass glass, or reuse it at home.

To wash the glass you can use a sponge with hot water to remove the not yet solidified wax.